Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome to my new blog-land home!

This post was due to launch early this morning, but some internet woes prevented me....
Oh well.
Happy May Day, and welcome to my new blog address!
I'm still working on getting organized (A big shocker to none of you, I know.) around here on the new blog address, but I was beginning to think I'd never get up the nerve to move entirely if I waited until everything was in place, so...I picked the date and here I am.
If you look you will find that my blog roll is now on a secondary page (see the link up near the top...) and when you click on it, you will then see that I haven't moved too many blogs over yet....I am working on it, day by day, and I am determined to get things wrapped up here within the next few weeks!
Also, please bear with me as I get used to Blogger verses Typepad. Just so you know, I was perfectly happy over at Typepad, but I admired my friend Kristen's Blog look (Isn't it nice? And she's just so witty and tells it lie it is.) and so I decided to go with her Blog Designer. Designer blogs was happy to do my blog makeover, but they don't work with Typepad, so... here I am.
If you haven't already, please feel free to follow me on FaceBook or Twitter, over there on my sidebar.
Also, since my blog is new, I have to start a whole new "Followers" box, so feel free to join in over there too!
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