Saturday, September 24, 2011

The boys.

Yes, yes, it's another shameless Gramma brag post. 

But you had to know that would coming.
I attempted to do a mini photo shoot of the two lil' local grand-boys this past weekend. It was a bit like herding kittens, but oh! so fun.

They were climbing all over one another, and wanting to play.
I wanted to get some shots to show the size difference between them, but that proved to be a challenge.  
Coen has such a mature little face that when I shot him alone, he looks so much older (to me anyway) than the 19 months he really is...

In the end I got a few cute shots and we let the boys go on with their day, wrestling,running,squealing,and giggling together. 

Oh,that sound is music to my ears.


  1. What a blessing to you and your family Tracey and especially for that new little guy. What a wonderful life he is going to have.

  2. They are so sweet. Can't wait for Oct to get here so I can hug and hug these cute little guys. That's, of course, if they hold still long enough. Little boys have so much adventure in them. At what age do they sit still?

  3. Thanks for posting pictures of the boys.
    I keep meaning to stop over at their mom's blog.

  4. One word: B E A U T I F U L~ in so many ways!!! :)

  5. Sweet, sweet, wonderful, little boys! It just doesn't get any better! Jana in Texas

  6. Thanks for the post. Such sweet little guys. It will be fun slowing their journey.


  7. Wonderful photos. What adorable boys! (I'm your latest follower) Louise x

  8. I wished I lived close by so these two little cuties could be in my Cubbies class!

  9. Tracey -

    Your grandsons are beautiful! Thank you - and your daughter - for allowing us to watch. I am so happy that Coen is finally home with his mommy and daddy, where he belongs.

    ~Nadine In Nevada

  10. Being a Grandma is so much fun!

  11. I love your Gramma posts Tracey! Coen sure looks like he's loving his new life and Carter looks like he loves having him as a brother!!! This is so touching!

  12. Beautiful Boys!

  13. What beautiful, beautiful boys. I look forward to watching them grow.

  14. I understand what you mean about how "old" Coen's face looks. Before they ever get to us, these little ones see and experience so many things that we would never want anyone to see or experience, and it does show up in their faces. Hopefully, he'll soon understand what it really means to be a toddler and will have more "little kid" in his face. Nice to see so many smiles so soon in his new family.


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