Monday, January 16, 2012

On Golden Pond.

You know I pretty much never remove my rose colored glasses. That's just who I am.

I always see things in a kind of romatic-fantasy-fairy-tale kinda way. One of my best friends calls it "Tracey-ville". When I start talking about a place I love, or even the way I plan on setting up a room, or a tablescape, she will interject, "Oh, you're living in Tracey-ville again".

I'm okay with that....'coz they say that, for a thing to happen, it must first be a dream.

Here's an example of that-

Way back when, in 2007 to be exact, I wrote about a wonderful. magical little town up here in the Pacific Northwest. That charm filled little spot was Camas, Washington. I shared how I'd love to live there...and.. Wow! God heard me, and a couple of years later I found myself In sweet, sweet Camas, Washington.

Since moving up here to the Pacific Northwest, I have discovered many other wonderful places and destinations near by. I'd have to say, (and in fact, have said it so many times to my friends that they can finish my sentences about it)far and away my most favorite discovery since relocating up here has to be the incredible Birkenfeld Country Store, located in Birkenfeld, Oregon, population 12.

*sigh* Little teeny-tiny slice o' heaven on earth. That's what it is. 

Sooooo...Over the past year and a half, we've traveled the picturesque hour and forty-five minute(each way)car drive to the Birk for many band gigs. The fabulous people I told about in this blog post have become our friends.

I had tried many times to figure out just why so many amazing people lived way out there, some of them opting to drive an hour and a half each way all week into Portland for work, and then congregating at the Birk on Saturday nights for music, socializing and Wendy's world famous smokehouse burgers. 

Well, now I know.

Last weekend before the band gig, we were invited to stop in for a visit with some of our Birkie friends at their home on the Lake, which is just a few (Four? Five?)short miles from the Birk.

Oh. My.

We took a turn off the main two lane road, onto a smaller two lane road. It meandered down and around through beautiful trees and over a little dam. We both pretty much uttered breathy wow's at the same time as we made the turn and caught our first glimpse of the lake. It reminded me of the movie "On Golden Pond" and "Funny farm" both at the same time.
Peaceful, quiet beauty. Homes of various styles and sizes nestled in under the trees and on the water's edge. Everyone had little boat docks and I swear I could feel the friendliness and charm just oozing out of this little community. 

Our friends have lived on Fishawk lake for fifteen years...anyway I think that is what she said.(What do I know? I had her name wrong when I wrote about them the first time!)I hope they don't mind that I'm sharing their picture...they're just such a cute couple!
As I was drooling all over my sweater while I  looked out their living room window at the lake, she shared with us how they have a "Dock Crawl" where they do open houses at different times of the year and everyone has so much fun. (Be still my heart! It's Stars Hollow on the lake!)Summer time finds the lake filled with paddle boats and ducks out in the yard at the water's edge.

Some folks live at Fishawk Lake full time and commute to work, others are retired, and still more use their sweet Fishawk Lake-home as a get away for summers, or weeks and weekends.

I can tell you that if I were to have a get-away place, it wouldn't take me two minutes to tell you where it would be. Forget Hawaii, or Mexico, or the Caribean, or the grandness of Lake Tahoe for that matter...I'd take a lil' place on Fishawk Lake, in Birkenfeld, Oregon, thankyouverymuch.


  1. Tracey I have about 75 blogs that I follow via Google Reader. Usually I just read them there (lazy blog reading) except when one of your posts pops up in my reader. I immediately avert my eyes and hop on over to your blog so I can see it from your webpage. I just love your posts. And now I have to explain to my husband why we need to buy a vacation home on Fishawk Lake. Yep I think we need to move to Tracey-ville!

  2. I loved your "it's Stars Hollow on the lake" comment, lol. I see nothing wrong with living in Tracey-ville..... seems it got you to Camas, next stop - Fishawk Lake!

  3. Your heart felt words and pics make me want to move there sight unseen.

  4. Beautiful...I agree! There's a place just like that up in the mountains of Tennessee. The lake looked just like glass, gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  5. For the life of me, I could not remember the name of your blog since I stopped blogging two years ago (to have my surprise daughter). I think that is about the time you had moved near your daughter and her husband(?). And then bam, tonight I was on Facebook, and your blog pops up. Good to find your blog again! Glad you're doing well and enjoying your new home.

  6. p.s. Still trying to figure the band thing out. Are you in a band now? ;o)

  7. I'm so there with you on livin life by the waters edge. Love those off the beatin path kinda places.



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