Friday, February 24, 2012

Moving back.


I guess you could say I've come full circle.

My sweet lil' blog is moving back home, over at typepad, where it all began, way back in 2006. You'll find all of my future posts (and all the way back to the beginning!)....

Please update my URL address on your blog roll if you have me listed, or grab my button from my new (Old? New? Old-new?) blog. I want to thank everyone that reads my blog. I appreciate you and love hearing from you!


  1. Welcome back to your new-old home, Tracey. I have enjoyed reading your blog since 2009 and will continue to now matter where you live.
    But this does look more familiar.

  2. Tracey,

    I cannot convey how thrilled I am to have found your blog. FINALLY, a 50-something woman who I can relate to! Seriously, I am way happy over here in MN.

    I did read a few pf your recent posts, but then decided I would start at the very beginning. So far, I've read until December of 2008. You were back on your feet again, enjoying holidays, your house was for sale, and you were making lots of cupcakes, painting, and setting up vintage shows.

    So, I will be back to make a "current" comment when I get up to date. And then, I HOPE, there will be other 50-something women in your comments and "show your home" posts I can read too.

    Again, SO glad to have found your community.



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