Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looky what I got....

I was one happy Mama on Mother's Day when I saw this lil' baby was for me! (And just take a look at the clever bow my daughter created out of the mesh-y bag this gem came in!)

Have you heard of Jo-Tote's? It's a nice big purse-slash-camera-bag...or a camera bag that looks like a fashionable's...well, it's just pure genius, that's what it is....and now that I have one, I am wondering why it took so long for someone to have thought of this incredibly obvious-to-me ( now) must-have item for all of us giant-sized camera lovers. (Oh! And look at the wanna-be bowling bag style they make as well!!!)

I like to take my Rebel with me in case a photo op arises, but it's been awkward, and bulky carrying a purse and a camera bag, and it always seems to end up just being a pain to carry around.

Not anymore, sista.

I'll be carrying all of my goodies around in this bag, and not worrying about bumping my camera, or dropping stuff 'coz both of my hands are full.

*Sigh* Am I one lucky Mama, or what?!


  1. I have a lunch bag that looks like a purse now I need on of these.........

  2. I finally got a backpack for my camera. It has room for my camera, a couple lenses, my wallet, etc. What it doesn't have is the cute factor your new bag has!!!

  3. That IS a good idea. I'm not a big purse or big camera kinda gal though. LOL


  4. Aren't they lovely? I just got one last week, too, for my new camera and I'm in love. I got the mustard yellow one (which is much more greenish than I thought it would be) and I do wish I'da gone with the dark gray/gunmetal color, but either way, these bags are drool-worthy! I love how customizable it is with all the inserts -- my JoTotes is now my purse, diaper bag, and camera bag all in one.

    So glad you got such an awesome mother's day present. Hope you enjoyed your day!

  5. good for you! feminine bag!
    and good luck with your new blog, btw.

  6. Tracey,

    I absolutely love your new website! Gorgeous! Welcome to Blogger!

  7. Love the new handbag. I've been following your blog for awhile. The new one is good, but the print is rather small and hard to read.

  8. No, I haven't heard of these bags Tracey. LUCKY you!!! My little cheap 99 dollar camera isn't worthy of such a bag!
    Have a pretty day!


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