Wednesday, June 15, 2011

East peasy strawberry lemonade. (that looks fancy-schmancy)

With all of the grey days and never ending rain this year across the country (at least here in the Pacific Northwest...)I am longing for some warm sunshine-y weather and outdoor activities, like barbecuing and riding around in my cute lil' bug with the top down.
While I wait for the weather to fully cooperate, I thought I'd share a great recipe that takes no time at all, and makes things just feel a little more summer-like...
You can make this yummy-summer-time drink in no time at all, and it's dee-lish, as well as pretty.
All you need is a blender, a large basket of fresh strawberries (wash and top of the stems) or a bag of frozen strawberries, two cans of frozen lemonade concentrate, and water. (Optional cutie-patootie straws, sugar to rim glasses, and fresh strawberry garnish if you like to foofy things up a bit...)

Make lemonade by following the instructions on the can.(Usually it's 1 can of  frozen concentrate and 3 cans of water..)
Drop the fresh or frozen strawberries in the blender and whip 'em up. add a bit of the lemonade to thin, whip some more. Repeat.

Pour into a nice tall glass, put on your sunshades, and enjoy!


  1. Yum! I will make this for our card night. Thanks!

  2. The "girls" are coming over next Friday. This will be perfect - Thanks!

  3. Thanks nice cool drink.....looks like 105 today!

  4. And I bet with the addition of some rum or vodka it would be a fabulous "adult beverage"!

  5. MMMMMMMM I LOVE lemonade and I love strawberries and this recipe beats McD's lemonade all to heck. :o)

  6. Sounds good! The ones at McDonalds are so sweet that are sickening!

    If you want some warm weather, come on over to Ks. We are headed back to triple digits again. We had a break today. 91. I wasn't done with the 60s and 70 yet!! I want them back!

  7. I love your attention to detail...cute straws and sugared rim glass. Perfect for all the summer gatherings. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I made this for my boys and they loved it!!! Thanks for sharing : )
    Easy AND delicious!


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