Saturday, December 17, 2011

Here comes good ol' Santa Claus....

I don't recall sharing anything about my co-worker friend Clarence. 

Clarence is 80 years young and proud of it. For most of the year, he's our sweet lil' mailroom guy, but come December things start to change. He grows his beard a bit longer and fuller, and he gets out his nice red suit.
Mmm hmmm, he's our very own in-house Santa! Last Thursday and Friday he and Mrs. Claus (another good sport-co-worker friend) sat and listened to countess wish lists from kids (and Grand-kids!) of employees...(Have I mentioned that I love where I work?)
Carter was a little shy this year, but managed to sit on Santa's lap and have a lil' chit-chat, but Coen wanted no part of Old St. Nick. Now, Mrs. Claus was another story....(I'm telling you, this little guy is totally a ladies man!)

...Hard to believe Christmas will be here in just one more week!


  1. Aw! They (Santa and Mrs.) look so REAL. Isn't that neat?


  2. How awesome! It does sound like you work in a great environment. Lucky you! Life is good.

  3. What wonderful Santa and Mrs. Santa volunteers. Such a memorable experience for everyone (not just the little ones).

  4. Clarence is a good sport! (Clarence was my grandpa's name :) Angels for sure!!

  5. You work for such a great company!!! Santa and Mrs. Claus are awesome and your sweet grandbabies are adorable!! Merry Christmas!!

  6. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are both sooooo CUTE!!


  7. Are you sure that isn't really Santa???

  8. How cute are they! I think it's great that your co-workers dress up like that.

  9. Thanks for such a sweet story and such wonderful pictures. We all benefit from hearing of the generosity and kindness of people at this time of year. The photos are just adorable.


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