Friday, December 2, 2011

The Christmas spirit hits the office....

So, I showed you the Peace on Earth banner while it was a work in progress. Well, now I'll show it to you it is in it's completed state hanging in the front lobby of my office building!
Two other gals from my work helped with the lobby decorations and we had a blast making things merry and bright...a nine foot fake tree on top of a round coffee table that was draped in a twin size sheet. 
White poinsettias and ooodles and toodles of purple glittery ornaments and silver-y snowflakes (Everything came from good ol' WalMart and the cost was surprisingly low!
My favorite part of our  decorating was the curtains we added. We used scrim (skrim?) fabric to fashion make shift drapes, hung with those awesome stik-um hooks that won't hurt your walls, and added our company initials(AG) in glitter as well...
...and I then swagged the glitter-y banner.
A little touch of glitzy adornment to the sign near the elevator and we were done. 

Well, nearly done. After I took these pictures we did add a three foot wreath that I did up to match the tree on the far right hand wall for balance....
It was a lot of fun and I think the office looks really festive and merry, with our signature purple making it unique.


  1. Hi Tracey!!! Wonderful!!! How lucky you are to work for a company that decorates for the holidays!

  2. Looks so festive and wonderful. Sooooooo pretty.

  3. What a great job! The banner looks wonderful! Your company is very lucky to have you and hopefully they appreciate your talent. Now come decorate my house!

  4. Lovely and elegant! What a wonderful greeting for visitors. :)

  5. Well Done! Love the silver glittery-ness with the purple. Lucky your comapny's colors aren't something icky-orange?! I wanted to share my project-inspired by your book pages and vintage banners, come see at

  6. How lucky are they to have you to add your creative touches to the decorations. It's lovely and so festive. Great color to work with. I love scrim. I used 100's of yards for my son's outdoor wedding about 10 years ago. At a dollar a yard, it was a steal.

  7. How pretty and festive everything looks, Tracey! I think it's so nice that with companies cutting back they went all out and decorated. You did a great job and I'll bet everyone just loves seeing it every morning. I know it would put me in a great mood!


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