Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sharing the holiday spirit.

Last night I wrapped up my first round of baking, and packaged up some cookies for my Rock n' Roll Buddy to take into work. Hmmm, for some reason, this basket of treats photographed small looking. It's actually a nice big tray of cookies!!
I stopped by GoodWill on my way home to see if I might find a cute container or two to package up the baked goods, and I struck gold. 
I found a set of six matching little buckets for $2.99...exactly enough buckets to make lil' presents for my department friends at work! 

I filled each bucket with shred, and cookies, and added a sweet little tag that I created on my computer, and candy cane striped ribbon. Today we are going out for a holiday luncheon and these are going to make charming little gifties for each of them!


  1. Very cute and special, and I liked you used the good will for this little gift. Hugs Mary

  2. Yum, Yum. They all look so delicious.

  3. Those cookies are beautiful & look so delicious! I've said it before -- your co-workers are so psyched that you are working there now! :)

  4. Hmmm work Christmas parties at my old job was a bag of chips thrown on a table with jar salsa. Very festive :( Your reminding me why I'm glad I just do freelance work now.

    Over the top cute...again!


  5. oooo wish I was a co-worker! looks beautiful....and YUMMY!


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