Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Settling in..

We have had a very productive couple of weekends, indeed! (Working Monday through Friday makes it pretty hard to get too terribly much done on weeknights...)

Last weekend, we managed to get some things unpacked, go to our favorite place for a band gig, and entertain out of town company (The Sewing Queen of Northern Nevada was up to meet her newest great grand babe!) for an overnight, breakfast and the 49er game.

This weekend we managed to get a bit further...or I did, at least, by reorganizing all of the kitchen cupboards. (...which was no small task, let me assure you.) We had more company (my grand babes from the Biggest Little City were in town with their Mama and Daddy, followed by a friend from out of town who came  to watch the some of the world series, along with a couple of good football games.)

I've discovered that the easiest way, for me at least, to feel moved in is to tackle a room at a time, starting with the rooms that look like they will be easiest, (Putting toiletries away in the bathroom, setting up the guest room...) followed by the rooms I live in the most. (And I do consider myself somewhat of an expert on this topic after all of my moves...)

The living room is still half filled with boxes (Many of them are his now-displaced items from other rooms, not mine, which makes me feel not-so-bad) and duplicate items that we have put on craigslist for sale, or are waiting to be put away or donated. The entire dining room  is pretty much hidden beneath more boxes and oodles of Rubbermaid tubs of holiday decor.

(Oh-me-oh-my, that will be an adventure in itself, digging through our combined Christmas decorations...)

I got the laundry room reorganized to hold all of the additional crafty items and supplies I brought along with me. The guest room is all dialed in for the most part,(waiting for a couple of decorating projects, like fresh paint!) and the kitchen is three quarters of the way there. (maybe not esthetically just yet, but storage and organization is looking good...)
The family room was a team effort and it is starting to feel more cozy to me. I basically set up my mirror collection in the same fashion as it was in my last two places that I lived, with some new additions that belonged to Ralph....
....I think it feels inviting and warm; a little bit me and a little bit Ralph. We hooked up all of his electronic gear in  my antique wardrobe closet. (I am leaving the doors off so we can see the TV, which for some odd reason looks small in this photo, but in actuality it nearly fills the shelf it sits on.)
My chairs with his sofa. His reel to reels, speakers, and record albums with my mirror collection. (A few more mirrors are needed, as the room has a very high ceiling.)
Little by little, box by box, things are beginning to take shape. With any luck at all, just a couple more weekends of unpacking and I can start having fun with some fabulous decorating projects I have in mind...I'll be sharing them with you, right after I run them by Ralph!


  1. delightful - it already has your stamp on it, nicely combined - looking forward to seeing more - enjoy the new journey :)
    Judi in Colorado

  2. Things are meshing nicely for the two of you-a great sign!! Have fun and know that we are looking forward to new projects.

  3. Nothing better then, Home Sweet Home!

  4. I can hardly wait to see how you cozy up the rest of the house! Jana in Texas

  5. I guess you've been a little busy? I'm so happy to see you happy. I know the road has been a bit of a roller coaster the past few years.....enjoy!! Don't ya wish you knew back then everything would work out so well? You have a beautiful family. And thanks for the photos haha.

  6. Things are looking great. You're a good woman to let him have a say in the decorating--my poor husband only gets his man cave. He is okay with that..thankfully.

  7. I haven't checked in with you for SOOOOOO long and I am thrilled to learn of your new life with Ralph. And I think the new place is already looking great.....

  8. It looks great Tracey!! I'm so very happy for you!

  9. I'm so happy for you! I've been reading your blog for a very long time, and I think you deserve all the happiness you can find. :) Uh..I saw the air vent up by the ceiling, in your wall of mirrors picture, and I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest for that. It might be really cute when you fill your wall with more mirrors. :)


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