Thursday, October 27, 2011

Super fast and easy charming gift wrap job.

**Pardon the grainy photos..I used my old Generation-Whatever iPhone at work to snag these shots**...

I love fancy packages with beautiful gift wraps and ribbons and bows, but I have whittled down all of my gift wrap supplies these days. (smaller homes require creative thinking and more sensible purchases...) These days I have opted to go with a more neutral wrap job that can be changed with the color of tissue and the style of gift tag. I now use only brown craft paper (the kind you buy to mail packages in...) and I have a stash of two sizes of an oatmeal colored handled gift bag.
Yesterday I bagged up a gift for a friend that is retiring, and I wanted something charming and simple, but vintage looking and pretty. I got it all in about four minutes time. 

A bit of tulle, a strip of pale Robin's egg blue ribbon (My favorite! So yummy!) and a  hand written (with a fine point black marker)tea dyed manilla tag (I actually dye them in large quantities in a tub of uber hot instant coffee, and let them air dry on cake cooling racks.) Some matching blue tissue and a little sprig of milnery flowers from my collection finished it off.

If you keep your wrap supplies simple, and organized, it will be a snap to make any present look like a million bucks, and will make your recipient feel oh-so-special.


  1. LOVE LOVE this!! I bought a roll of Kraft paper at the Dollar Tree and a stack of Kraft bags last year at the after Christmas sales, but was having a hard time coming up with a soft vintage look. This is perfect. Might you show a picture of a wrapped boxed gift--how to do the ribbon and flowers? I am a visual learner so a picture helps. For some reason I always find a box harder to decorate than a bag too. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to share this.

  2. I think this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That's exactly what I've been doing for several years! The shops around here bag every thing in those cute brown bags. I could never throw them out so I dress them up and use them as gift bags. Now that your doing the same I feel so much better haha. I mean until now I was feeling kind of cheap but now I feel so green and clever.

  4. I do the same type of wrapping. Target has the kraft paper bags and also Michael's, in multiple packs. Hobby Lobby has bags of two yard ribbon for less than $2.00, and even cheaper on sale. Some of it is junk, but usually a few different lengths of the wide satin are included, so it's all pretty inexpensive, as well as pretty!

  5. tea dyed manilla tags, I haven't tried this yet, i was afraid they would "crinkle".. but yours are as always "perfect"... however, i did try your pumpkin crunch cake.. It was a hit! Thanks for keeping me inspired. :)


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