Thursday, July 28, 2011

The best laid plans................................

It matters not how much, or how early I plan, nor does it matter where the event is, everything always seems to get discombobulated in the final hours leading up to a fair, causing much chaos and usually a completely new game plan.

So, why am I forever surprised when this occurs? BarnHouse (Are you sick to death of me yammering on about this yet?) is fast approaching in less than 48 hours and I had thought I had the perfect plan in place...along with my Camas Antiques buddy, and one of my daughters. We'd rent a uHaul and do set up and big items Thursday, followed by a leisurely fill in and fluff day on Friday, followed by margaritas on the patio. (Yes, I am aware that I live in a fantasy land known as "Tracey's World".)

I won't bore you with the details...(Details involving all of us trying to fit far too many other activities into too short of a time of us needing to get her eyebrows done, one of us needing to work at the store all day and, moi, unwilling to miss a much needed hair appointment. Oh yes, details that  every girl can understand, and identify with.) Let's just say that plans needed to be adjusted, as miscommunications and overbooked lives created sped bumps....

In the end it will all be okay (Because after all, we know that if things aren't okay, it isn't the end...) I can sleep tonight knowing that my hair will look good, and the booth will be set up and looking wonderful, but the stress caused by the hiccups that always seem to occur in the final hours add lines to my face and make me feel more than a little panicky, even if it is all brought on by me.

*sigh*  Calgon, take me away.


  1. it needn't be perfect to turn out a beautiful plan. it'll all work out. always does. rest. breathe. get your hair and brows done - you'll feel perky and pretty and everything right.

  2. Oh, how I sympathize! My daughter is getting married next weekend in Atlanta. I am 500 miles away in Kentucky. I am headed there tomorrow to spend this last frantic week with her. I am doing all of the flowers, decor, prep, tear down, etc. Crazy much?! Anywho....the court house has recently decided that only THREE hours before the actual wedding is plenty of time to let me in to get all of this this done, me dressed, and pics made....yeah, in whose universe??! Had I known this, I would have hired a wedding coordinator and florist. Trying to save some dollars is going to stress me out, lol. Good luck with you show...I know it will all be perfectly lovely!

  3. Good luck this weekend Tracey. Life does throw us some unexpected tasks just for giggles.

  4. I'm sure you will manage to wave a magic wand and everything turn out PERFECT! You have it inside of you to cast that kind of a spell.

    I dream of being able to attend a Barn House event. Please post lots of pictures so I can dream away!!

    Enjoy the margaritas!!

  5. Oh Tracey. Remember to take some pictures as you work your way through this weekend. Love your blog, read it always. Drink water too.

  6. I know it will be a great event. Can't wait to see it all in photos. You NW people are such a talented group! I'd love to make it out there sometime! Have fun, xo Debra

  7. The chaos is part of the tradition. Not to worry as long as you have the margaritas. I'll sit here with a glass of wine and marvel at all your hard work. GOOD LUCK!!!!


  8. hello! You are living my life! I can know something is coming up FOREVA and still be doing things last minute. For instance, this Saturday is the big summer sidewalk sale in my town, on my street. How long have I known it was coming? Since last years sidewalk sale. Am I ready? No. Is my store in the biggest mess it has been in for months? Yes. Will it all come together Saturday morning at 7:00 a. m. ? Well, yes and no. It will be fine, it will all work. However, at the end of Saturday I will tell myself....Next year I will be prepared. Next year I will not procrastinate. Next year I will make more money because I will plan ahead. HA! It will be fine. You will have fun. And then it will be over and you will be tired in a very good way and vow not to let it happen again....HA!


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