Monday, July 11, 2011

The post where I return from a week long sabbatical and write about apparel quandaries.

Wow. Time does fly.

It's been an entire week since I last posted. Sorry. Sorry... Sorry!
I'm not going to ruin this apology by making a bunch of excuses, rambling about how time got away from me, and my life is just oh-so-busy and all that. Just know that I am making a renewed effort about my blog posting frequency, and I am feeling very inspired about that. (By the way, did you notice that I finally got my blog roll moved over to the new blog? It's here.)

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's move forward to today's post, shall we?

Do you know what this is?
No, my home was not ransacked.

I'll tell you what it is. It's this morning's I-can't-make-up-my-mind-what-the-heck-to-wear-to-work-'coz-I-do-not-fully-trust-the-channel-eight-weatherman-and-I-am-feeling-kinda-bloated-today pile of potential  clothing items for my workday. (and for the record, this situation also occurs on non-work days as well)
The reason there are shoes there as well (in case it isn't obvious to you) is that I need to put on the entire ensemble before I can confirm that the outfit isn't gonna work (at least not on for today......) Do you do this?

I have a fair amount of pieces of clothing that I could swear looked good on me in the store, and yet, each time I pull them from my closet and attempt to wear them I feel either: Fat, Frumpy, Dorky or simply not like "me" at all. (What is up with that?) I made a rule for myself about a year ago to not buy anything I didn't absolutely adore, and so...I really haven't bought much of anything new to speak of in a year or so. (Ehem...except for shoes. I seem to have no problem finding things I adore in this department...)

Anyway, now I had to go home on my lunch break today and spend three quarters of it reloading all of this back inside the closet...and I telling myself this is not going to happen again....


  1. Too funny! I can totally relate - I am chalking it up to a problem with being in my 40's and nothing seems just right. Except for the shoes, earrings and my fuschia watch!


  2. It's always nice to know that we all do this!! I'm a Stay At Home Mom so my daily wardrobe doesn't matter a whole lot and I tend to fret mostly on Sunday mornings. The outfit that was perfect a month ago, can now look frumpy or dated. And I have to try on the shoes to make sure that it doesn't work too.

  3. You need my blog!!!

  4. The story of my life. I no longer have an outside the home job so it is much easier. If I don't feel fat I'm fine. The only time I 'suffer' over what to wear is if I am fat or feel fat. Simple is my motto and frump trumps fabulous if fabulous requires any effort or discomfort. For example-- I ADORE your shoes but they would kill my feet, so there is no way I would ever wear them --though I wish I could. My attempt to glam up is via jewelry. Fun, funky, cute, quirky or classic jewelry. As for wardrobe, I find simple is best...basic bottoms, like skirts/pants/slacks and jackets...long sleeve for cool, short sleeve for warm/ black skirt can look like a dozen skirts if you top it with a different jacket.

  5. You are too funny! I'm missing you :). Just returned from Expo and recharging my batteries....had a great show! If I don't see you before, I'll see you at Barnhouse....I'll be there :).


  6. I have a niece that, for her, your room would look normal--except you have too much carpet showing! Hope you picked a good one! ♥♫

  7. Since I'm a SAHM, i can keep it simple. Tshirts and shorts for the summer, long-sleeve tshirt and sweat pants for the winter!!! But last week I had my 25th high school reunion and ended up with three blouses what I thought looked fine in the store but once I got home and modeled for the kids, the "Uh, it's okay Mama" sent me off to change and eventually returning all of them!! But I did finally find the perfect set that may have looked a little old-fashioned but I felt comfortable the whole night!

  8. I totally relate! I, too, have put that rule in place about not buying anything that I don't love and feel great in...also haven't bought much of anything to wear, plus I've been donating all of the many things that have just been hanging around the closet. Let's just say the pickin's are pretty slim. I love your shoes and envy all you girls who can wear such things - they would kill me! There's a challenge: find comfortable shoes that are also cute!

  9. We missed you. Welcome back :)


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