Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why is it that when you wash your car, it always rains?

**Yeah, yeah... It is what you think it is...another shameles Gramma Bragging Post.**

We've had nothing but rain, rain, clouds, and more rain this summer. (yes, I know many of you are feeling toasted in heatwaves around the country, but that is so not the case here in the Pacific Northwest this year.) This past weekend we were very blessed to have had not one, but two full days of sweltering heat and sunshine. 

Aaah, life is good. 

Perfect weather for barbequing, and picnics, and parties and...washing your car. So, that's what I did.

Actually, let me correct myself. I didn't wash my car. No, I got my car washed this past weekend by the cutest little car-washer evah

Mmmm hmm.
I stopped by to pick his Mama up to go to his Auntie's house (a kitchen-nook decorating summit. Very important stuff...) and Carter and his Daddy were out washing the truck. They generously offered to wash my little Beetle while they were at it.

"Thank you!" I said and my lil' pint sized Casanova began soaping things up as soon as his Daddy finished hitting my Bug with the hose.

(The only thing better than having a cute lil' convertible, is having a cute lil' clean convertible, you know.)

I woke up Monday morning to thunder rolling and raindrops drizzling.

*sigh* It was so nice while it lasted.


  1. Such a darling boy.

  2. Wash you car, it rains. Think it's one of Peter's Principles. Just does.

  3. One of Peter's big ones!
    I was so relieved to see the back of that dreadful heat. I didn't move to the Northwest for Midwest Summers! I love our weather - anything over 70℉ and I get very cross and crabby.
    OK, I've had enough Summer, I ready for Autumn - bring it on.

  4. So adorable...the car and the car washer!

  5. Well, he is the cutest little car washer, that's for sure.

  6. Tracey, I just had a friend ask if I knew of a perfect robin's egg blue. No, I told her, I don't but I know someone that does. I can't find the name of the color you use on an old post. Can you email me at I've loved your blog for ever and a faithful follower. All my best

  7. This is exactly why I didn't wash Hubby's car the other day. What WAS the point?!?!?!?!

  8. Your right cute little car, cute little guy. Life is good! He certainly is growing FAST!!!


  9. LOL Tracey, don't you know that the Northwest is noted for it's . . . rain.


  10. It always happens when you least expect. It may even come to the point where everytime you wash your car, you'll think that it'll rain anytime soon. But you better put the car in the garage when it rains to keep it from gathering dirt.


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