Thursday, July 21, 2011

Down to the wire, and hoping for some sun.

It's barely a week until the big BarnHouse Market and so my lil Barbie Condo is completely looking like some sort of distribution center for Homedepot and Crafters Warehouse, on steroids. It's gotten to the point that I am not sure if I am more excited about the fair itself, or getting all of this stuff out of my entire downstairs so that I am able to feel like it is my home again.

My Camas Antiques Buddy has got some great things stocked up at his place as well, and we will be spending two full days setting up our booth space for the big day, a week from Saturday. We will begin with loading the trucks at Oh-dark-thirty on Thursday and with any luck have things mostly assembled by Thursday night so Friday can be saved for fluffing and tweaking things, along with a list of things we forget to bring from the day before.
I am not sure exactly why we junkers put ourselves through this. It's a total love-hate relationship, I swear. We love the thrill of the hunt, and the day of the show (meeting so many friendly people!) but we have the stress-filled days leading up to an event, prepping and loading and packing.
I know that most of the nation is having record heat, but here in the Pacific Northwest, it's been more like Autumn than summer, with more rainy days than not, so we're crossing our fingers and hoping for sunshine...that's not too much to ask for at the end of July, is it?


  1. Wish I lived closer so I could be at the Barnhouse Market. I live in central Ohio and the heat is on. Heat index to be 105-110 degrees today. Wish I could send you some sunshine and warmth./dj

  2. I would happily trade some of your rain for some of our sunshine! Hope the event is a grand success!

  3. Tracey, I feel your pain. I did the same thing for a few years and its hard work beyond belief. We'd load up on Saturday, drive to the fairgrounds, set up the booth (I was lucky enough to have an inside booth. I'd sleep in the car Saturday night and then Sunday's sales could be fabulous or not...ya just never knew.

    Good luck, I'm sure your booth will be fabulous and I can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. It looks like we'll have good weather this weekend, so I know what you'll be up to! I hope you have a wonderful show!


  5. Wish I lived closer would love to come buy some stuff! Hope you sell alot and have a wonderful time!

  6. The 10 day forecast shows sunshine for the 30th, Tracey! We all know things can change in a hurry, but I think it's going to be a beautiful day! My fingers are crossed for you, just to be on the safe side!!! : )


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