Monday, August 15, 2011

Easy window valance tutorial....

Both of my daughters inherited my love of decoratin. One of them redid her upstairs guest bath last week, starting with a fresh coat of paint, and cleaning the window (which had a bit of birdie poop on it that required climbing out the second story window to clean properly...)
Anyway, once things were completed, she was looking for an easy window treatment. I mentioned the cute crocheted lace runner valance I had created in ten minutes in my Barbi Condo kitchen....

We decided to give the same treatment to her cute little bathroom window.
 She had a few pretty cutwork runners, and we chose one that was about two thirds longer than her window was wide. We hammered small finishing nails at both ends ot the top of the window frame,...
 as well as one last nail up top in the center, then we folded the runner in half, length wise, and hung it from the center nail..
then pulled the runner fairly taunt and hung it from either end on the outer nails..
We fluffed the ends of the runner so it hung neatly and we were finished. It added a pretty touch to her cute window, and still let plenty of light in. If you're looking for a quick valance treatment for a kitchen, bath or mudroom, you might want to consider your own version of this treatment idea yourself!


  1. I like that! I like your daughter's better (no offense) because it's a single layer and therefore lighter. Very pretty! I have a ton of Battenburg tablecloths and runners that I never use because I hate ironing them. This will give them a new lease on life! Thanks!

  2. What a cute idea - and super simple! Thanks for the idea. Also like the fleur de lis. Does she have a French theme in that bathroom? Maybe she'll show us more of the room later.

  3. Does this mean I won't be doing a lot of sewing window treatments for her?

  4. She's right mom, there are about 40 more windows to foofy-fy. LOL!

  5. Very charming and cute!!!! Hugs Mary

  6. Love it! I'm gonna have to try it! Jana in Texas

  7. Well, I love anything that involves just using a nail and hammer....Lord knows I ain't sewing. LOL.

  8. Soooo pretty! It helps that you have the right material to work with. Just lovely!


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