Thursday, August 4, 2011

I heart Cupcake fondue....big-time.

Can you say "Yummy"? This was our dessert at a little family gathering last night to celebrate my daughter and her adorable future husband's engagement.

Such a fun lil' dessert idea! (I can't claim it, I found it here.) I baked babycakes without using cupcake liners (I just sprayed a teeny bit of Pam into the pans instead.) and made my always-fabulously-dee-lish buttercream frosting, but added a bit of extra milk to make it more fondue-like. Bowls filled with little yummies to sprinkle on top of the freshly cupcake, and... vioila'!



  1. What a sweet idea!!
    I read your daughter's blog after you announced her news!!
    What a wonderful couple!
    Best Wishes for a Beautiful Life Twogether!

  2. This is such a fabulous idea!! I love it. And would you happen to have that "always-fabulously-dee-lish buttercream frosting" recipe available to share???????? I adore cupcakes but don't make them as much as I should. Currently, I am working on trying to make Cake Bites.


  3. That is the cutest idea!!! I HAVE to do this asap!!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. Oh my - cupcake fondue. The possibility never would have occured to me. I think you just made my whole life complete. <3


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