Monday, February 6, 2012

Good news, bad news, good news, good news, bad news, good news.

The last two weeks have pretty much been an ear-to-ear-grinning happy blur of home projects that domino'd into more home projects, (good news!) but I haven't had television, nor internet for that entire time, (bad news!) so I couldn't share any of it with you!(God only knows what crazy looks Steven Tyler has given folks on Idol these past couple of Wednesday and Thursday evenings that I will never see, and who's still around on The Bachelor?....)

Yes, plenty of late nights and early mornings spent picking up supplies and greeting workers, all without my trusty MAC and the world wide web.

Not too worry, as I have photos to document pretty much every step of the fun progress, (good news!) starting tomorrow!

How big of an undertaking was it? Well, let's just say that in exactly two weeks we accomplished a home re-do project that would have typically taken the average home renovator two months. (Good news!) We literally got the kitchen back to operating order,and the furniture back in place just in the nick of time for our Superbowl party. We should have had our ehads examined, after pulling a nearly all-nighter (we made our way to bed at about 4:30 a.m. for a couple hours sleep before setting the last minute things up for the party....) with my Rock n' Roll Buddy tweaking the surround sound system and me hanging pictures, fluffing pillows, and removing the layer of sheet rock dust that seems to be everywhere.In the end, it was worth every minute of sleep we lost. (You'll see, starting next post!)

Now then....

I'd like to address a comment (bad news) that I got a couple of days ago from someone that signed her name Carol but chose to post as "Anonymous" rather than link to her own blog or email address so that I could reply privately. I don't get these kinds of comments to terribly often, and when I do, I usually leave them alone. I respect all of you out here in Blogland and I honestly think (I hope) most of you realize that sometimes life gets busy and...well, things happen, like no internet due to a remodel project that required you to unplug all of your electronics including your wireless modem. Couple this with not enough time after work to pop over to a nearby Starbucks to write and publish a blog post, because you're back and forth fifteen times to Home Depot with your new best friend in the canned lighting department each night till they close at nine.....


Here is her comment in it's entirety: (or read it yourself in the comment section following my last post here. )

Hi Tracey,

I'm excited to see what you're going to do with your new home. Finally. However, I've noticed that you hardly ever post anymore. How come? I've been reading your blog since before Mr. whatshisname left and you used to post every day or nearly every day. Surely, you can come up with SOMETHING for your readers....a recipe, a table presentation, a light fixture or paint color you like. I have a friend who has an acquaintance who writes a blog and she gets paid for it by how many clicks she has on her blog. I'm assuming you get paid for this blog. You are jipping your readers if you are getting paid because people are clicking to see if your posting. It's been TWELVE days since you've posted ANYTHING!!!



Well, thanks, Anonymous Carol.

I guess it's a good thing that it didn't turn out I hadn't posted due to a hideous family emergency.

Being snotty and snipey isn't pretty and frankly, it just isn't my style. (And it's not appealing on anyone else for that matter, Carol included.) I'm sharing this comment because I do care about all of my readers (Anonymous Carol included) and I hope you're not mad at me for being away. Please know that I was thinking of you, and that should be confirmed with the amount of photo documentation I did during our big-fat-remodel adventure..truly, you will feel like you were there with me, every exciting, dusty, messy, take-out-mealed step of the way.
On yet another note, I am at last announcing the winner of the Word of the Year Banner. (Still more good news!) I did the drawing on the 28th but had no way to share the news...
The winner is Amber, with  her word being "Bloom". Thanks to all of you who entered my giveaway, and continued to check in here for blog posts!


  1. Well let me one to say that although I have missed you very much, I am also thrilled there is now more to your life than a very loyal band of blog readers who love you dearly.

  2. :) You go girl! Looking forward to the pics of the remodel when you get a moment to breath and post them. :)

  3. Tracey, please know we missed you while you were "out of pocket" but we knew you were up to something exciting and fun! We're glad you are back and doing well. Please know the "snippy" Carol wasn't this me!
    ( Carol, Your loyal cyber friend in Georgia!)
    Luv ya!

  4. What is wrong with people? Seriously. I felt my blood pressure going up as I read 'Anonymous Carol's' comment. Tracey, I love visiting your blog and seeing what creative adventures you're up to, but I also, (and I think the vast majority of your readers) are thrilled that you have someone to share your life with, and we understand that you DO have a life!

    'Anonymous Carol' obviously has no idea how much time you devote to this blog in order to so generously share your life with us.

    I absolutely appreciate your blog whether you post everyday or once a month.

  5. Good news on the huge remodel in record time. Now hopefully you can have a bit of a rest. Good for you on handling 'everything' in such a classy way!
    Enjoy your new space!

  6. Dear Tracey, how dare you have a life outside this blog! In all seriousness, I have enjoyed your journey and admired your positive attitude and ability to get so much done. You gave me the inspiration and courage to paint my tired oak cabinets which transformed our kitchen. The vast majority of your followers think the world of you! Barbara Stevens.

  7. This is just amazing to me! Don't people have better things to do? I told you a couple of years ago how thankful I am for your blog because for me, it's free! I don't have to buy magazines anymore because of wonderful blogs like yours. I am so thankful for all the time and trouble you have put into your blog, and if you do get any remuneration for it, well that just makes me happy! You deserve it! Can't wait to see what one of my all-time, favorite decorators has done to her new cottage!

  8. Tracey,
    I also miss not seeing your blog posts. I am not that great at following your blog ( or any other for that matter) but I do get a little "ohhh" when I see that you have posted. Just like today. I cannot wait to see the pics and will be back here tomorrow to check them all out!

  9. WOW! had no Idea people had nothing to do but wait for blog posts!! Congrats on all your accomplishments, you guys are amazing!

  10. Tracey,
    I Love that you are Living Your Life and are not tied down to your blog. Just know that there are way more "Anti-Carols" out here in blogland supporting you and cheering you on!!!!

  11. Yay, I won! I'm so happy and looking forward to the banner. Can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful newly remodeled home! My remodel took two years so I know you are a rockstar for getting it done so fast.

  12.'d think she'd be happy for you and all the goodness going on in your life!!! Some folks never cease to amaze me Tracey ~ I can't wait to see you work your magic in the house! hugs and love, Dawn

  13. Hi Tracey,
    Can't wait to see your project. I really enjoy your blog and look forward in receiving it! Barbra Stevens I would love to see a picture of your kitchen cupboards remodel!

  14. Sorry that Anonymous had ro send you such a comment, looking forward to seeing your finished project. Hugs Mary

  15. Goodness me. Deep breath. That is a lot of reno work. Wow.

    Sorry that someone Anonymous was feeling out of sorts. When a blogger isn't blogging it isn't a personal for the reader problem.

    I have loved reading your blog from the first time I found it. Love reading about happy things (like weddings) too. Looking forward to reading your next posts whenever they are posted.

    Hugs, Joy

  16. To bad there are those kind of people in the world. I just kept checking because I just knew there would be something good that you'd be sharing with us. Can't wait.

  17. Good grief!

    I'm thankful that it was all hard work, sandwiched in those spare moments in your other life and not illness, injury or loss! We missed you and will wait breathlessly for all your pics and stories. I don't feel the least bit gypped and I'm sure 99.9% of your other fans agree!

  18. Tracey....I,too, have been reading your blog for several years. Evidently I love it or I wouldn't return day after day to see what you are up to. When I find you haven't posted anything, I figure you are like me...BUSY! Please know that not everyone expects a blogger to post every single day or even every few days, but whenever they have something they want to share. I have a blog myself and sometimes posting just isn't on the agenda...I have a life, as do you. And, I LOVE visiting Traceyville and I will patiently wait for each post. Perhaps Anonymous Carol should just sit back, relax and enjoy her own life...something that is good for all of us. Do enjoy your remodel and know that your posts ARE worth waiting for and we wish you the best. pat

  19. Oh, Tracey....I am appalled by annonymous Carol's
    comment to you! It seems I have been reading your blog just as long as she and I adore your talent and have much admiration for you, although
    I don't leave comments for you to that effect nearly often enough. Your blog provides such inspiration for me and like someone said earlier, I am so happy that you are now happy.
    Keep up the good work, enjoy your life and post
    when it is convenient to do so. I will await the
    decor revelation you will SHARE with us when you
    are ready. All the best............Marie

  20. I missed you, I also know you have a life!
    Looking forward to your new stuff.

    Carole ( I'm anonymous because I don't have a blog)

  21. Tracey,
    I too have been reading you since the end of inspired me to start a blog. I have enjoyed each move with you, ordered cupcake directions, shed tears for you and just love your blog.I would like to say two Carole"s defense, maybe she did not mean it as bad as it sounds...sometimes a voice helps to know how it is being said. Then number two is, sometimes when we are living life, doing things there is just no energy for ideas or time to blog. Tracey keep doing what you are doing, blog when you can. LOVE your blog and the happy things happening in your life!

  22. Some "real" people need a lesson in kindness. Can't wait to visit again and see more.♥♫

  23. Wow- I never realized that we readers were ENTITLED to read your posts, I just thought it was a nice bonus for us that you choose to share them.

    But now that I know the (cough cough) "truth"....I guess you need to get busy having those life experiences and posting them for our reading pleasure.

  24. Good heavens have a blog...we all enjoy reading it...if anyone asks you what's going should be out of concern, not to criticize.
    Like when you had comments on your living don't owe anyone an explaination...jeepers...give the woman a break people...she's living...isn't that what we're all supposed to be doing? Ease-up people... and Tracey...don't's never warranted or necessary. It's your life and (thank God) you seem to be enjoying it!

  25. Yeesh, some people just can't play nice. I made a decision a long time ago to:
    a. delete nasty comments as soon as I might see them (although in 4 years of blogging I haven't really had any!)
    b. Never give the nasty commenter the satisfaction of acknowledging the comment at all. Some people are only encouraged to snipe more by getting attention for it.
    Whatever other people might think a blogger should or shouldn't do, how often they think they should post, whatever they think the subject matter should or shouldn't be, it's your blog. Nobody elses, and that person may vote with their mouse if they don't like it. We all have lives to live, (good news!) and however wonderful blogging may be, it will never beat real life and real time spent with those we love.

  26. Hi Tracey. I am sorry that you had to go through this crank pants comment. I just started my own blog and I have a lot to learn but I worry about getting negative comments. I agree with Kathleen Grace above. But you also handled it very very well. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the improvements.
    Audrey -

    PS I don't care if you get paid or not - why is that anyone's business??

  27. Leave Anonymous Carol in your (plaster) dust. How dare she! Is this all about her???? Can't wait to see your pictures. I certainly know that you've been busy developing blog entries in your busy little head and we're in for a big treat real soon!!!

  28. Tracey---Forget what Anonymous Carol said in her comment. I have been reading your blog for the past year but I've gone back through your archives and read every post....and I've enjoyed each and every one. When you don't post for a few days I just think to myself that it is perhaps because you have LIFE like the rest of us and it is perfectly okay. Your absence for a few days just makes me more excited to see what you've been up to. Jana in Texas

  29. mmm pineapple pizza! I think you better review the pizza joint too!! Can't wait to see the remodel!

  30. Hey! What's with Carol? I didn't realize bloggers were OBLIGATED to post every day, but then what do I know..... As a professional writer, I'd find it difficult to write unless I had an assignment for Big Buck$ (yah, right) or something really cool to write about on another level (unpaid).

    In any event, I love your blog, have followed it for some time, and admire you for having a life and not feeling that each moment is so incredibly unique and fantastic that everyone wants to read about it, as too many bloggers obviously do. LOL

    You have mucho fans out here, Tracey. You go, girl!!


    P.S. I have to post anonymously because I'm not signed up with any of the listed options.

  31. Wow! Some people need to get a life and learn that they are misuing the word gypping by spelling it jipping. If you (or other bloggers that I enjoy) haven't posted for a few days I just assume they're having fun and/or are busy with their own lives. That said, I'm looking forward to your redo pictures, and I will no doubt be a little bit jealous.

  32. Oh pooohy on Anonymus Carol! And, yeah for you Tracey! However, aren't you just a little bit flattered that YOU are that important and so inspirational to someone that they wait by their computer for you to say something? If she thinks any blogger is getting RICH from CLICKS, I want to hear how that happens! If THAT really is the case, I'm gonna quit my day job and stay home and just click on my blog all day long! It would be much less stressful than how I spend my days. I haven't posted in a few days and no one has yelled at me! I feel so!
    Can't wait to see those pix Tracey! And, I can't wait to see if Anonymus Carol posts again!!!

  33. Hey Tracey,
    Those of us that have been with you for a long time (through all your tough times included) are so happy for you that you are in a good place, happy, and BUSY. You get to choose when you post, and your loyal readers will keep reading because you inspire us and we feel connected to you and wish you the best. Amen. karen from NE

    p.s. So anxious to see all your remodeling projects!

  34. C'mon "Anonymous Carol"'re givings us "carols" a bad name. I'm not feeling gypped when my favorite bloggers don't blog. It just makes me appreciate it all the more when they do. We've not paid for subscriptions where Tracey is obligated to do something in a set time.

    We all have lives. Let's follow Tracey's example and enjoy them!!

  35. really are a classy lady to respond the way you did.. can't say that about her...I checked in every day and I coulda cared less whether you were PAID or not for it. I knew we would hear sooner or later what was your posts.
    Lorretta from NH

  36. Tracey, I enjoy your blog and remember thinking when you announced your remodel that it would be fun to see. I still think that! lol Chin up, you are allowed to have a life....the blog is simply an outlet for you and a treat for us readers when and if you choose to share :)

  37. sorry you have to endure the good with the bad comments. Praise god you usually just get good comments. I admit I've been checking often for an update, but I was so anxious to see pictures :) But did you not tell us of the whirlwind redo you were working on, I KNEW you didn't have time to post. Anyone that has done even redone one room knows it is all consuming!! Keep on keeping girl, we all love you and are so happy for you!!
    Rachel B from Texas

  38. Yeah, well there is a reason Ole' Carol is anonymous isn't there..... my readers must feel like I've abandoned ship, if they get a post every week or three they are lucky. I have never had anything but kind and cheerful comments, I think its because my readers have lives.... carry on and don't post for awhile just to make it clear, your life is your own, not hers to dictate what you do .....

  39. Have enjoyed your incredible journey the last 5 years of reading your blog. I am so thrilled that you have a life that keeps you sooo busy and seem sooo happy... it gives those of us going through "lifes changes" hope that there is life after your husband up and leaves you behind after nearly 35 years, yea that's me. Keep on living your life of bliss.

  40. Oh Tracey I am so excited to see the changes you and Ralph have made! When you wrote in your post you would be doing the remodel you did mention you had a time frame to get it done in 2 weeks. I didn't expect a post at all during that time as I knew how busy you would be (of course I checked daily just in case). I have been reading your blog for quite some time and feel like this is your "online home" and when you want to open it to guests you will. I love the days that I can come into your "online home" and spend a little bit of time with you. I know you are a very busy (and classy) lady with children, grandchildren, significant other, friends, a job and more...the fact that you take time out of all that busyness to share with us just shows what a giving and caring person you are. Your ideas have saved me money, inspired me and your words have lifted me up. Thanks for sharing of yourself and opening your "online home" to us. I am anonymous only because I have none of the other options listed to post. Jeni

  41. Maybe Carol was just looking forward to your next post and expressed herself poorly. I'd like to think that...but the Anonymous signature gave her away, alas. There's plenty of us patient sorts out here who are happy to have you back! --pogonip

  42. Hawaiian pizza! My absolute favorite! My local pizzeria adds maraschino cherries, and it is wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing the renovations you and Ralph have made. I bet Carol is too.

  43. How pathetic is society becoming, that anyone should feel a sense of entitlement over free reading material? Or the notion that somehow by starting a blog we are obligated to a writing schedule? And what happened to just subscribing to a blog, so you only click on it when there's a new post, rather than checking back all the time? I'm at a loss. These "Anonymous Carol" types really need a strong dose of perspective and need to be schooled on what a real problem is. Sorry for the rant Tracey, but this dreck just really rattles my cage, and makes me weep for the future.........

    Live your life Tracey. No guilt required.....:)

  44. I rarely post here..but love to read your blog. I saw the last post with the flooring and read about a big remodel and just knew what you must have been up to! I did check, but was in no way mad. You always get a LOT done ..working full time, doing things with family and friends..making special treats and lovely decor for events, as well as blogging! I work full time, but can not imagine even doing a blog. I read a quote the other day..something about "rude people being insecure". Carol should find other ways to keep busy rather than counting the days between your posts! Congratulations on the remodel, it sounds fun and rewarding. :)

  45. Get a life, Anonymous Carol! Tracey doesn't OWE YOU ANYTHING!

    Very nice and gracious reply, Tracey!

  46. Holy crap! People can be clueless. Wow. Paid. Not paid. NONE OF ANYONE'S BUSINESS. Post. No post. NONE OF ANYONE'S BUSINESS. Don't worry Tracey... MOST of us have a life and completely understand.

  47. A great piece of satire - if only you had written it yourself. I missed you for a long time when I lost your net address but now I have found you again I can go back and enjoy all the pieces I lost. Looking forward to the transformation pictures.

  48. OMG, poor Anoymous Carol, she really does need to get a life! Perhaps, she is jealous because Tracey is 'movin' on up' and Carol doesn't have anywhere to go, lol!!!

    We have your back sweetie, Carol can take a flying f___ (art), if you know what I mean. Looking forward to the pictures!


  49. We just spent 2 weekends on a bedroom redo and let me tell you, between the hammer and the paint brush and the screwdriver, my mouse hand is too stiff to use. Cannot wait to see the pics and glad you are ok.

  50. Hey Carol..Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

    Can't wait to see the photos! We have been so busy with a bathroom redo,and the whole time it's oh we should blog this,my friends on the blog would love this. Then you get so "into" it..your onto the next project. Hey Tracey we all get it,our local Ace guy thinks I am stalking him,as I follow him into store as he opens in the morning.

  51. Can't wait to see the new pictures for the home make-over. We are going to do the same thing in the next year.... I have "HUGE" furniture pieces and that will hard to move around. Guess we will do one room at a time. We have chosen a wood floor similar. We have a lab, too, and wondering how they do on these floors. How is Moose doing with the wood floor? Are the nails scratching it up at all? You haven't mentioned Moose and hope he is lovin his new home.
    I agree with one person's comment about Carol.... Honey, get a life!!!! We all love your blog Tracey and I wouldn't worry about one person having "issues".

    Jan in CA

  52. Tracey, I think we all agree that we're happy to see your blog post today. BUT I think we would probably all agree that it's more important for you to have a life, a project and someone special in your life to spend your time with! That is the REAL world, and I'm just glad you choose to let us in on a little bit of yours! Thanks for the fabulous blog!

  53. Tracey - I like reading your posts whenever they show up. I smile. But because I have er....several blogs I recognize that sometimes we have to have "a little less blog and a lot more action." At least I do. This post of yours and the comment you received made me thing of that! So I made up a sign with that saying....and I'm going to try and be more action oriented.

    Your project with R&R Buddy sounds fun.


  54. Oh my goodness...really????

    I'm glad to see that you have so much good going on in your life and that you are spending so much time being happy that you don't have as much time to blog. I've also been around since way, way back when you were previously married and I am so happy for how things are going for you!

  55. Oh my, what a snarky attitude that poor Carol has! I agree with another one of your followers.... she needs to get a life! I love your blog and when you didn't post for a few days I was hoping it was because you were knee-deep in new projects (or maybe just enjoying life!). At the same time, my fingers were crossed that you weren't dealing with some sort of tragedy or upheaval. As you reveal your finished rooms, I'm finding myself motivated to get going on my own projects. Thanks Tracy and have fun with your R&R Buddy!!

  56. REALLY?? Tracey, you're a MUCH better person than me. I woulda told 'ol Anonymous Carol to &*(! up a rope. I think, though, you should give her her money back. Oh ya, she paid NOTHING. You're doing this blog out of the goodness of your heart, and most of us appreciate it immensely. Yes, you might have sponsors and you might be making money from them...I really don't give a rip; that's your business. Any one of us could do the same. I, for one (and it looks like the majority of your readers), am thrilled you found a replacement for that stack of pillows beside you in bed. I'm so glad you're happy, and feel honored that you share your life with us when you have the time. Love ya, Tracey!

  57. I am sad when people act like that. I'm sorry Tracey! So excited about your new life and honestly wish you the best. Although we have never met I consider you as one of my friends. Can't wait to get the tour! Diana

  58. AMEN to the many remarks that YOU, Tracey, are a better person than many of us, whom would have siezed the opportunity to tell anonymous Carol to 'get a life' (to put it politely)

    I'm glad you shared this 'debacle' and that Michael read it, so now he realizes that "I" am not the only one who gets such strange and 'demanding' comments and emails from blog readers! Although the ones I get are more along the lines of "You mentioned the word "jenny Lind' in one of your blog posts. Can you tell me where I can find this specific Jenny Lind baby crib?" (with description to follow)

    AS IF because I share information in my blog, I am also offering myself up as a complimentary private shopper for whomever cares to ask!

    FORTUNATELY 99.9% of the time we get nothing but love, encouragement and support from our blog readers. And those who truly care, and there are MANY (that I can SEE from the number of comments here) of us; are sincerely happy that you now the many happinesses that we have wished for you over the years!

    Carry on!


  59. Just had to add my two cents. People constantly amaze me and not always in a good way. Your commenter seems to need more in life but it's not your job to provide it. Frankly after your post showing stacks of flooring in a warehouse, I figured you'd be posting a bit less for a while. Considering your full-time job and wonderful companion, I'm just happy you find any time to continue to write. Your energy and ideas inspire me!
    Looking forward to photos of the re-do whenever you get to it!


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