Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome to the Family Room.

This picture totally reminds me of that old, old song from My Fair Lady, "Wouldn't it be Loverly?" You know,"...All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air, with one enormous chair...Aow, wouldn't it be loverly?..." Yup, makes me wanna curl up right there (right now) with a cuppa cocoa and my laptop....


That photo up above is to let you see a peek, a morsel, a cozy lil'corner of our home. Mmmm hmm, I am finally, at long last, ready to share a few Before and After pictures of another room in the house! (Can I get a drum roll please?) Without further adieu, I give you....

The Family Room.


(I'm getting ahead of myself.)

Let's see a shot of it..Before.

Before I lived here, when it was Bachelor Pad Central.

Organized, with no shortage of audio equipment, old or new.

After...with the newly installed oh-so-terribly-wonderful-and-worth-every-penny slide-by shutters (in the open position)....
...and, with the shutters closed....

Oh! I cannot tell you just how much I am loving these slide-by (that's what I call them, anyway)wood shutters! I personally think sling glass doors are the biggest challenge in the window treatment arena, because they need to be functional, and supply privacy, and energy efficiency, and look good all at the same time, you know? Anyway, I think these babies do it fabulously. 

Yes, the whirlwind remodel was so worth working around little inconveniences like no television or internet for a couple of weeks...(I swear I'd do it all again in a new York minute!)
Let's take one last look at the After shot one more time, shall we?....(Notice please the old bi-fold shutters are re-purposed over behind the chair to cozy up the corner of the room, and the audio equipment is still intact and ready to be used at a moment's notice...)
I hope you're enjoying the tour of our what's-old-is-new-re-born-cozy-and-warm home.
Next stop? The kitchen!(Okay, you can all stop reading here.)

*Dearest Guitar Man of my dreams,
I just want to say Thank you...for being such a Team Player and stretching yourself ginormously outside of your comfort zone. I know this was all huge for you, and I want you to know just how much I love that you did this for me!*


  1. Awesome! I love what you did. Do the two of you hire out? I'd love to know more about the slide-by shutters.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Those shutters are fabulous!!! The best door treatment I have ever seen-please share where they may be obtained...pretty please!!

    Can hardly wait for the next installment and kudos to your rock and roll buddy for all his support!

  3. Awwwwwww...he's a keeper! Love the family cozy....I want a chair like that to curl up in!!!!!!!
    Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

  4. Great job and great compromising Tracy!

  5. Ok, we've taken a poll and.......could you put doors on the armoire?? It looks kinda cluttered. :S

  6. The 3 Amigos....LOL!!! I hear ya, (and I agree!)but the Armoire doors only open about 24 inches wide, ad the TV is more like 42, not to mention all of the audio equipment. I took the doors off the armoire when I lived in my last place (see the old post showing it here:
    and here as well:

    So, yeah. In a perfect world, I would never look at electronics unless I was using them, but it is what it is, and I like it so MUCH BETTER than what Ralph had there previously!

  7. Yeah, I looks like your home for sure! That wall of mirrors gave it away. I too love those sliding door shutters..please give us information on those.

  8. Lu2Shop, there is a link in the blue toned words "SLIDE-BY" in my post that tells about them, although that is not the company we used. We used COMFORT SHUTTERS, right here in Vancouver, WA.
    The idea is that they function as regular plantation shutters, but are on a track up top, just like closet doors are hung. You simply close the shutter louvers and you can slide one over the other...fabulous!

  9. OK, I kept reading :) That's the best part of all :)

  10. You could install new hinges on the doors. They have several types which open 360 degrees and they can be installed on the inside or outside the doors. Love the shutters, btw!

  11. Love it! It all blended so well :))

    Jan R

  12. Great transformation! You are so understanding about all the audio equipment. I finally managed to get my husband to ditch the reel-to-reel rig about 15 years ago but we have plenty of out-moded (to my mind) stuff left.

  13. LOL! Well Cathy, I don't know what's on your reel to reels, but my Guy's reels are old Rock n' Roll of music from a couple of bands he was in from back in the day....great music and sound and a blast to listen to!

  14. I'm loving reading about your and Ralph's remodeling projects. Everything looks wonderful and the "slide bys" are awesome. Look forward to reading about the rest of your remodel.

  15. I'm behind on my reading too, so no worries-Love the shutters on your sliding patio doors! That's a huge idea!

  16. What a guy! I'm glad you were able to put a little Tracey into your new home! It's looks like a perfect combination of the two of you!


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