Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Move over, Nate Berkus.

Move over, Nate Berkus...'coz Ralph is in da house, and he is renovating everything


Let me begin at the beginning.

Once upon a time, way back in the late 80's my Rock n' Roll Buddy moved into the ranch style home in Stars Hollow Camas where we live today. He brought with him his uber-large blue recliner/hide-a-bed sectional sofa, his brass and glass coffee table with matching end tables, and a whole lotta band and stereo gear. Add to that, two growing sons and, over the years, many televisions. The end.

(In a nutshell,I guess what I am saying here is that, in fairly typical man-style, his life was not about decorating and foofy-fying up his abode.)

Now, me, on the other hand...I am as passionate about decorating and nesting as my Rock n' Roll Buddy is about playing one of his favorite guitars. 


(Can you see where I am going with this?)

We had several discussions regarding individual tastes and style over the past few months, and debated the vast differences in opinions concerning the expected life span of a pair of pinch pleat draperies, and happened.
Two and a half weeks ago, he called me at work and told me not to get too excited, but he had been thinking. Thinking that maybe we should look into some new paint, consider hiding the surround-sound inside the walls, possibly some window treatments, and yes, maybe new carpet wasn't such a wild and crazy thought.(How could a girl with Behr Paint running through her veins not get excited at this prospect?!)Let's just say I was...ehem...guardedly optimistic.

After some whirlwind research and price shopping on flooring, and bids with contractors, we were ready to begin our adventure. 
Give or take two weeks and a day, and we have a newly remodeled, redecorated, cozy haven of a home that we are both thrilled with. We added new carpet, wood flooring, painted the entire interior, got the surround sound working like a charm, and ordered shutters for every window in the house, along with a lil' surprise bonus of stainless steel kitchen appliances,all in fourteen days and nights, thankyouverymuch.

The man that three weeks ago claimed he didn't see any reason to replace a "perfectly good 27 year old carpet" in the hallway selected the hand-scraped Chilean hardwood for it's weathered time-worn beauty. This same man shocked me when he announced that "brushed nickel" is his favorite finish for ceiling fans and household hardware.(Who knew?)

Oh yeah, the Rocker's got style. (And the skills to negotiate the sweetest deals around.)

Don't be surprised if you see us someday on Nate's show in a segment of house-proud.

...Hope you enjoyed the teaser picture of the living room today. Tomorrow the real home tour begins! 


  1. So this was just the trailer!

  2. So excited here in Alabama! Can't wait to see what you have done with the place!!!! Very Happy for you!

  3. I am in love.....
    No, don't run scared, Tracey. I'm not taking your rocker boy! I've got my own with his full collection of guitars and equipment and mixers and mikes and music stands and oh, you know the drill.
    I'm in love with the sneak peek of the new look. Those pinch pleated curtains had to dead. Old time Rock and Roll--good. Old time decor--bad.

    Thank God he found you!
    (and thank God you found him.....)

    If decorating is the music of life for you.....PLAY ON!

  4. I believe that I heard that Nate has been canceled although I hope not. But I could tell thru your words how proud you are, and you both did a great job on that room!!! thanks for sharing!!!
    Angela from NJ

  5. Can't wait to see the real sound very excited and happy!

  6. Oh Tracey what creative writing you have. I can't wait to see this reveal and the little tease today has me really looking forward to it even more. I know it will be a great improvement and also raise the property value as well. How sweet of Ralph to compromise on changing things up. of the necessities of a good relationship. You two are super heroes to get so much done is such a short time and still be able to host a party. What a great pair, so happy God led you to each other. Looking forward to tomorrow...thanks for sharing this with us. Jeni

  7. I read your blog from the beginning... but don't comment often. I do check in each week and knew you must be up to something big.... and here it is! I can't wait to see the pictures. Remodeling is so rewarding... but boy oh boy it makes ya tired!

  8. Oh, the anticipation!.... :)

  9. Can't wait!!!

  10. Yeah...more pictures, please!♥♫

  11. Please don't tell me you replaced those lovely drapes! And the speaker cords make a statement too, lol. Oh well, I trust your judgment and can hardly wait to see what the two of you've come up with.


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