Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Foofy-and-oh-so-fancy gift wrap ideas.

So....I want to share a few pictures from the Gift Wrap Party my daughter had at her home last Sunday....
It was a perfect Autumn day here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and there was plenty of hot cider, cocoa with all the fixings, and lots of yummy baked goods, including some delicious pumpkin bread, and cookies made from cake mix. (Have you had them? I will have to get the recipe from my daughter and share good!)
We even got to dip apples in warm caramel sauce, and then each guest was given a can to take home as a party favor!
I like to wrap my gifts for the most part in brown paper, but I had lots of glittery boxes, bags, ribbons, and doo-dads to sparkle things up.  The deep silver glitter has such a vintage feel to me. It reminds me of the old German Glass Glitter, you know? 
By adding a simple adornment like an inexpensive Christmas decoration, a gift goes from ordinary to fabulous. I shared my favorite trick for wrapping wine bottles...simply wrap it by gathering up mylar tissue paper with a length of ribbon, add a little ornament, and then spray the top area of the gathered mylar with spray glue, and sprinkle mylar confetti (pearlecent or silver glitter confetti work nicely also!)See? It looks like it was meant for a party.
The same technique works well on the little take-out style boxes sold at craft stores...(so great for concealing a gift card!)
A bit of tulle, some snippets of ribbon, and a little mylar shred make all the difference..

(I have to admit that I quite enjoy wrapping presents far more than I like shopping for them, fighting the crowds, and trying to find that elusive perfect present.)

Everyone had a wonderful time at the party and I think they all were more than a little inspired to get home and start assembling their wrapping supplies.
I am thankful for time spent with friends, laughing and sharing ideas...and I guess I have to say that I am thankful for glitter.


  1. Very pretty! I too love to wrap. Is the caramel in a can the milk that gets boiled while still in the unopened can?

    I had that as a kid and remember how good it was. But, now I hear the can can explode like a bomb if just a little to much of the water boils away. Scary.

  2. Beautiful packages. A cute idea for wine bottles/coffee syrup bottles is a teeny winter scarf. Little Birdie Secrets blog shares her pattern. It takes about 5 minutes to crochet it.

  3. Great packages! This is a great post....reminds me of the inspiring ones you did on cookies and cupcakes. Tracey you have such a creative gift, a way of making everything special. Thanks for sharing.

  4. So pretty! And you get extra points for working with glitter (I am not a fan. I like the way it looks, but then it gets everywhere!)

  5. I love wrapping too...sooooooo much better than shopping!! Beautiful ideas....thanks.

  6. So very pretty! I love the idea about adding the ornament and the simple! The party pics look so fun, now I want to throw one too...


  7. You have the BEST ideas for packaging, etc..I hope you don't mind but did you notice you spelled caramel incorrectly on the cans? I'm a bit anal at times so please don't be offended okay? I'm sure most people would not even notice..

  8. Hi I just wanted to let you know that I tried one of your sewing crafts recently. I made some drapes out of painter's drop cloth and they turned out great. I covered my sliding glass door with them. It actually took two pkg's of them to get the right fullness. Thanks so much for the idea.


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